About Sondra Wagner & Sondra Wagner Events

When Sondra Wagner began her hospitality career in the mid 1980’s, she never imagined that it would become her passion over the past 30+ years.

Sondra has been a Director of Catering & Events for the best companies in the world including Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt and Westin properties. Sondra has received premier training from “the best” that the hotel industry has to offer and it has allowed her event experience to be so diverse. One of her most memorable events included the George W. Bush Presidential Rally.

Sondra has budgeted, planned and managed countless top corporate conferences as well as multi-day corporate conventions. Sondra has planned professional boxing events, weddings for all denominations, off-site catering for 2,000+ guests, holiday events and rooftop gourmet dinners including a 4th of July event that ended with a spectacular firework display.

Many clients have simply stated that “You have made this so easy”! Clients often describe Sondra as thoughtful and diplomatic as well as having a calm demeanor yet being upbeat and energetic through the whole planning process. She has additionally been described as ethical, trustworthy, professional and detailed. Sondra loves working with people over her long career and SONDRA WAGNER EVENTS promises to work carefully with you.

Sondra has written and reviewed countless contracts as well as she speaks “Hotel”. She can easily navigate through the mostly daunting and overwhelming paperwork. Her clients get what they need and are safeguarded by the entire team throughout the planning process.

SONDRA WAGNER EVENTS can work with clients from the beginning of your event. If you need assistance, even during the middle of your event, then she can provide her services, including On-Site/Day of Event Management.

To be successful and have the longevity Sondra has had in her extraordinary career, “you have to know your stuff”. This cannot be taught in a classroom. She has been tasked with writing and managing multi-million dollar budgets for the hotel industries best.

Details, timing and management of your budget are the keys to the success of the event. Sondra and her team will manage your event, vendors, details, and invoicing. Everything will be taken care from beginning to end. Sondra has a network of partners, with whom she has long and trusted relationships, that work together to seamlessly bring your vision to a reality. You will be assured of your budget being exactly as you expect as well as on time.

Sondra is married to her husband, Jim, along with their 3 children, Ryan, Josh and Lauren. As wife and mother with a large extended family, Sondra wears many hats taking care of her family, friends and clients.

Regardless of the occasion, a client should always ‘Be a guest at their own event’.

Meet the Team

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